mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount - The Wireless Solution

mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount
mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount fixed outer arms
mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount rubberised with a non-slip grip
mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount fits most smartphones
mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount charges through lightweight cases
mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount optimised for Samsung and Apple fast charge
mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount easy one-handed operation
mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount universal wireless charging

mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount


  • £66.99



Pros and Cons

Main Pros

Main Cons

Professional quality

No LED indicator

Very secure

Higher price 


This product is part of the mophie Charge Stream series

Rating Criteria

Charging Standard

Qi. See our compatibility table.

Charger Wattage or Speed

The mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount is fast charge enabled, with a variable output that is optimised for Android phones at 10W and at 7.5W for iPhones.

Qi Certification

This product is Qi certified.

Accompanying Cable and Plug

This mobile phone induction charger is micro-USB compatible, and comes with a 0.8 meter micro-USB cable and a QC 2.0 car adapter.

Size and Aesthetics

The aesthetics of the mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount are just how you’d expect a mophie car mount to look: a sleek mophie black all over and a very minimalist design, providing the most secure grip in the smallest possible build. A front panel is flanked by fixed outer arms which provide leverage and adjustable inner arms which can fit bespoke to your phone. This design also allows for one handed snap placement, this means charging can be initiated easily so that you can focus on the driving.


This mophie wireless charger acts as a wireless charging vent mount. Unlike the Charge Force series Charge Stream products can be used with all Qi enabled devices.


Unlike the Charge Force range Charge Stream products do not use magnets, however, as mentioned the fixed outer arms of the mount provide leverage whilst the inner arms are adjustable so that you can fit the product perfectly to your phone. In case this wasn’t secure enough the front panel is also covered in the mophie’s standard TPU coating which should provide some grip and prevent scratches. The vent clip has two slots with different widths to fit both thick and thin vent slats meaning that the vent mount should remain secure in a wide variety cars.


The mophie Wireless Charging Base contains only one transmitter coil so securing the phone in position may take a bit of fiddling, although the mophie symbol indicates where to place your phone


There is no form of charging status indicator on this product.

Charging Distance


Price 3/5

The mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount is a very high quality and well-made charging stand from a top charging company that is adjustable, offers 10W fast charge and provides a secure grip for your phone. However, even though this product comes with a car adapter the price is still high due to its recent release so it may be worth waiting until mophie bring the price down over the coming year. 

Verdict 8/10

Speed – 4/5

Aesthetics – 5/5

Functionality – 4/5

Price - 3/5

Product Details


iPhone Xs/X, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, Samsung, and other Qi-enabled devices


102 x 54 x 38 mm (4 in x 2 in X 1.5 in)


70 g (2.5 oz)




2 Year Warranty


wireless charging vent mount / 0.8 meter (2.6 ft) micro USB cable/ QC 2.0 car adapter / dash mount adapter/ extended vent grip / quick start guide


Here's a video from mophie:

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