mophie Charge Force Desk Mount - The Wireless Solution

mophie Charge Force Desk Mount side angle
mophie Charge Force Desk Mount front view
mophie Charge Force Desk Mount other side angle
mophie Charge Force Desk Mount side angle with Samsung phone
mophie Charge Force Desk Mount with phone tilted upwards
mophie Charge Force Desk Mount side angle with phone

mophie Charge Force Desk Mount


  • £44.99



Pros and Cons

Main Pros

Main Cons

Professional quality

No LED indicator

Magnetic positioning

 Requires magnetic phone


This product is part of the Charge Force series and requires a magnetised case

Rating Criteria

Charging Standard

Qi. See our compatibility table.

Charger Wattage or Speed

The mophie Charge Force Desk Mount is not fast charge enabled, with a maximum output of 5W.

Qi Certification

This product is Qi certified.

Accompanying Cable and Plug

This mobile phone induction charger is micro-USB compatible, and comes with a micro-USB cable but no wall plug.

Size and Aesthetics

The mophie Charge Force Desk Mount is a typical mophie black all over and consists of a small black charging brick attached to a wide based stand via an adjustable ball joint. The joint makes this charger one of the most versatile out there, allowing you to position the charging pad at any angle. Simply connect the mount to the micro-USB via the port on the bottom of the pad, attach your phone with the help of the charge force magnets and you’re good to go.


This mophie wireless charger functions like a wireless charging stand but is completely adjustable and uses charge force magnets to keep your device attached securely to the charger. Unfortunately, the magnetism will only work with devices that have a built in magnet so it is recommended to use a charge force case with this stand.  


The mophie Charge Force Desk Mount uses Charge Force magnetic positioning to keep any Charge Force devices securely in place on the pad. The base of the mount is also wide and has an adhesive bottom to allow it to secure to surfaces firmly.


Strategically-placed magnets in the mount and Charge Force cases can perfectly align to create a secure hold and easy positioning without much fiddling. There is also a mophie symbol and logo in the centre of the pad to help you locate this area. The adjustable ball joint means once your phone is in position you can orientate it however you please.


There is no form of charging status indicator on this product.

Charging Distance


Price 3/5

The mophie Charge Force Desk Mount is a very high quality and well-made charging stand from a top charging company that benefits from being one of the most adjustable stands on the market. The magnets also allow for easy and secure positioning making this a worthwhile purchase for the price despite the 5W output. However, this will only work with Charge Force or other magnetised cases so make sure you buy one first before you purchase this product.

 Verdict 7/10

Speed – 2/5

Aesthetics – 4/5

Functionality – 5/5

Price - 3/5

Product Details


mophie cases with charge force wireless power


6.5 x 3.05 x 4.03in (165 x 77.5 x 102.25mm)


5.78 oz (164g)




2 Year Warranty


charge force desk mount, micro USB Cable


Here's a video from mophie:

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