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How attached are you to your phone?


Studies have shown that over 75% of the American population are now in possession of a smartphone, with data showing similar results for the UK population.


These devices are of great use to us and are no longer simply a means of mobile communication.


They add value to almost every aspect of our lives…


They can be used as music players, maps, internet browsers, weather forecasters and calculators, to name just a few of the massive range of services these devices now provide. They’re the alarm that wakes us up in the morning, the radio that we listen to to help us get to sleep and everything in between.


But what happens when they break down, such attachment comes at a price. Everything these magical devices do, all these functionalities that we take for granted, can be taken away from us in a heartbeat.


But this isn’t just something we worry about once in a blue moon, our phones are breaking down constantly and the culprit is always the same – low battery life.


The worst part is that its not just the breaking down of your phone that causes the most grievance, but instead the anxiety leading up to the inevitable death of your new best friend. If you’ve ever been stuck somewhere unable to call for a lift home then you know what I’m talking about. Battery anxiety is a real phenomenon and it is the latest plague spreading across our nations. Its gravity should not be underestimated.


In fact, data has shown our worry levels soar when our phone is nearing low battery and that at least 32% of us will ‘drop everything’ to head home just to charge their smartphone.


The problem:

Battery technology can't keep up with the increasingly compact devices we carry in our pockets, and a fully charged smartphone battery is simply not substantial enough to meet our increasing demands of it throughout the day.


To those of you who think this seems trivial, just know that as our dependence on these devices continues to grow, this problem will only be exacerbated.


Fortunately for us, wireless charging provides the solution to this problem as we move into a new age of technology. Now more than ever, wireless charging has become practical and affordable, allowing the entire charging process to become entirely stress free.


This is because as wireless charging becomes ubiquitous, charging your phone will be as easy as putting your phone down (although we know this is still quite difficult for some!).


We here at The Wireless Solution envision a world where wireless charging is integrated into every building, every method of transport and every surface, so that wherever you go be that at work, on the train or in a coffee shop you can put your phone down and never have to worry about your best friend dying on you ever again.


We will achieve this by creating a platform online that helps you take that next step closer to wireless ubiquity.


With your help we want to make a platform that provides you with all the information needed to make the right decision about which wireless capabilities are suited to you. We also want to give you as much variety of products as we can at the best prices we can to make this possibility become a reality.


If this platform is something you guys want and something you need we won’t stop there. Wireless technology is beginning to pervade every area of consumer technology and we will help you make use of these technologies to stay ahead of the curve.


We want to expand our remit to be the go to expert not just on wireless chargers but also wireless headphones, wireless toasters and much much more; the one solution to making your life entirely wire free, forever, The Wireless Solution.


Watch this space!


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