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The Case For Wireless Charging - How it Could Be Improving Your Life

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In 1989 Back to the Future II opened up our eyes to what the world might be like in 2015. The writers envisioned a world with wheel-less skateboards, self-lacing shoes and flying cars.

2015 has come and gone and many people might be disappointed that despite all our technological advances, many of these utilities have not yet become a reality.

Still, our technology might slowly be approaching this vision… While the creators of Back to the Future II didn’t delve into details of how telephones might be charged in the then future, wireless charging technology certainly feels like it would be a given in Marty Mcfly's futuristic Utopia.

Not only does wireless charging look and feel like it belongs in this day and age, there is also a strong case to be made for its utility and convenience, where perhaps a few years ago there may not have been.


The Problem of Low Battery Life


With the pricing of wireless charging technology rapidly coming down to commercially viable levels, we can now envision a world in which wireless chargers are ubiquitous throughout workplace and home.

If this becomes so, battery life will no longer be the persistent problem it is today.

It seems we have reached an impasse: computer technology has allowed us to create increasingly portable appliances that require increasingly minute batteries to fit within their ergonomic design.

The issue: battery technology is falling far behind our ability to cram computer components into smaller modules.


Crying man next to phone


The Solution We Should Be Talking About


Man with an idea


Ubiquitous wireless charging throughout our lives provides a possibility of allowing us to cope with smaller batteries, in turn relieving all the unnecessary anxiety our phones cause us on a daily basis.

Have you ever been left at the station because your phone died and you couldn’t call anyone to pick you up? Ever been late for a meeting and you couldn’t text the person to tell them you had been held up

Well what if there was a wireless charger built into the train, or built into your workplace, charging your phone could be as easy as putting your phone down (although we know that doing so is hard for many people).


Why This Matters to You


While this may seem trivial to some, mobile phones are such an integral part of our lives now that keeping them alive is surely an important venture. In fact, this new age of mobile technology has brought with it the latest phobia plaguing western citizens:

“nomophobia” – the fear of being out of cellular contact.

And with greater battery life comes greater relief from anxiety:

We here at The Wireless Solution envision a future in which all forms of wireless charging are accessible to everyone so that a charger isn’t just something that comes with your phone, it’s a built in or widespread utility that prevents low battery life being a problem for anyone ever again.

Further advances are bringing wireless capability to the cutting edge of technology, for example: continuous research is being done by the likes of PowercastOssia and the Airfuel Alliance on ways of improving how far wireless charging could travel, so that one day we might be able to charge our phone without even seeing a charger.

Perhaps we could even reach a point whereby being in the same room as your wireless charger charges your phone. In the meantime, our increasing integration of inductive chargers is beginning to create a world in which we are charging without any effort.


Woman using phone next to wireless power


So, while we may not yet have hoverboards zooming around our cities, we here at The Wireless Solution think that at least in the realm of mobile phone technology, we are much closer to the future than we might think.


To read more details on how wireless charging works and what it can do check out the rest of our information blog.

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