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Wired Vs Wireless Charging: The Final Say

Just because it’s not as “sexy” as the latest hyped up but highly impractical distance charging technology, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the potential to add huge convenience to every aspect of your life. If you’re a cynic that thinks Qi inductive charging is a dead end and offers only a minor convenience, this piece will inspire you with the same confidence we have in wireless charging. For everyone else: this should still prove an interesting read!

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What is Wireless Charging and How Does It Add Convenience?

Wireless charging most commonly operates through inductive coupling of coils. If wireless charging is affordable, effective and ubiquitous, the anxiety of low battery life will no longer be an issue. Whether we like it or not mobile phones are now a staple of our lives, and wireless charging is the key to maintaining this symbiotic relationship.

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The Case For Wireless Charging - How it Could Be Improving Your Life

We here at The Wireless Solution envision a future in which all forms of wireless charging are accessible to everyone so that a charger isn’t just something that comes with your phone, it’s a built in or widespread utility that prevents low battery life being a problem for anyone ever again.

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