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Paul Reynolds on the State of Long Distance Wireless Charging

Paul Reynolds is an engineer and entrepreneur who has specialist expertise in ultrasound and was one of the earliest members of uBeam, a startup that claims its technology can provide power over the air via ultrasonic waves. Following disagreements with the CEO on a number of fronts, Paul left uBeam and has since started a blog called "Lies, Damn Lies, and Startup PR" that warns investors about companies like uBeam and Energous.

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The Many Different Wireless Charging Technologies

While for a long time these two methods of wireless charging have been predominant in the standards of the two big consortia, the playing field is now much more open, as more and more startups are revealing exciting technologies that could potentially shake up the way we think about wireless charging forever.

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The Wireless Charging Standards War, What Does It Mean?

The underlying issue here is that just because all wireless charging technology operates under the same physical principles, doesn’t mean that all wireless products are manufactured to co-ordinate. Bearing in mind that the main advantage of wireless charging in the first place is its increased convenience, this is a very inconvenient reality. Therefore, there is a clear need for universal charging standards so that your various wireless charging devices can co-operate.

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